TELEREHAB. Marketplace of Rehabilitation Courses for remote rehabilitation of patients in various areas.

TELEREHAB provides an opportunity for patients to remotely undergo a medical rehabilitation course offered by a specialized medical organization, and for medical organizations to offer such courses to patients and attract new ones.

At the moment, the site presents the first types of distance courses, but we are ready to host any other courses at the request of medical organizations.

The courses already placed on the marketplace:

COVID REHAB. Service for the rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19 with various complications.

The organizations which are connected to the marketplace:

  • GBUZ "Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin, Samara.
  • Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
  • KGBUZ "Altai Medical and Sports Dispensary", Barnaul.
  • GAUZ "Regional Center for Medical Rehabilitation", Orenburg.
  • BU KhMAO-Yugra, Khanty-Mansiysk.

OncoRehab is a service of group online classes on oncological nosologies for patients in the postoperative period to facilitate the adaptation of patients to new conditions during and after completion of anticancer treatment.

The organizations which are connected to the marketplace:

  • Clinic Research Institute DogiT named after R.M. Gorbacheva, St. Petersburg
  • RONTS named after N.N. Blokhin, Moscow

KIDSREHAB is a cloud-based remote monitoring platform for severely injured child patients discharged after the first stage of rehabilitation, it is an effective mechanism for continuous monitoring of the child's condition and well-being.

The organizations which are connected to the marketplace:

  • Children's City Clinical Hospital No. 9, Yekaterinburg
  • Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology (Children's Center of Roshal).

The organizations with the nosologies PSYCHOTHERAPY and NEUROPSYCHOLOGY, which are connected to the marketplace:

  • Medical Center for Rehabilitation "Concilium", Moscow Region

The proposed courses are developed and conducted by specialized medical organizations.

All courses are held under the mandatory supervision of a rehabilitation doctor, who develops a special questionnaire to assess the effectiveness and safety of remote rehabilitation.

We invite medical organizations to cooperate.

By submitting an application for connection, the medical organization will be able to choose any type of telerehabilitation for patients from those posted on the website or offer new ones.

TELEREHAB provides an opportunity for patients of a medical organization to get access to rehabilitation classes directly from the website of a medical organization.

On the service it is possible to connect to any of the author's rehabilitation courses.

TELEREHAB is registered as a computer program called "TELEREHAB. Marketplace of remote rehabilitation programs”, Certificate No. 2022618164 dated May 05, 2022.